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State Oral Roberts 09-09-1990Brent Mayne Orange Coast 09-08-1993Huck Flener09-14-1993Gary Buckels07-23-1994Phil Nevin06-11-1995Dan Naulty Cerritos 04-02-1996Dante Powell04-15-1997Mark Kotsay07-11-1997Jeremy Giambi09-01-1998Brent Billingsley05-20-1999Bret Hemphill06-28-1999Mike Lamb04-23-2000Steve Sisco05-06-2000Matt Wise Pepperdine 08-02-2000Frank Charles09-05-2000Aaron Rowand06-16-2001Adam Johnson07-16-2001Brandon Duckworth08-07-2001Kirk Saarloos06-18-2002Reed Johnson04-17-2003Erasmo Ramírez04-30-2003Chad Cordero08-30-2003Shane Costa06-02-2005Mike Rouse06-09-2006Wes Littleton07-04-2006Jason Windsor07-17-2006Jordan De Jong06-06-2007Kurt Suzuki06-12-2007Ricky Romero04-09-2009Noe Ramirez07-03-2015Cal State Fullerton's strongest athletic program.

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